Частушки азия евразия что за безобразие

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На этой странице находится текст песни Армянские частушки - Азия Евразия, а также перевод песни и видео или клип.

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Armenian couplets from Armyanchika :)
Well, let's go! :)
On the hill stands the camel,
His four f * ut:
Two in the ass, and two in his mouth -
- Strive for oxygen! :)
Opa, Opa, America-Europe!
Asia-Eurasia that in disgrace! :)
Valentina Tereshkova
For space flight
Armenian presented
X * d automatically! :)
Train rides from Istanbul
Red wagon,
Come on, girls, unload
Boxes with g * ndonami :)
My Milken wounded
In the middle of Germany! :)
Instead, the bullet x * k thrust,
The hospital sent :)
The girls swam in the lake,
X * D rubber found! :)
All day long they f * alis,
Even in school we go! :)
Man fell in love with me,
Yes, it turned out - no x * I :)
Nah, I * I * I without x,
If x * s * I Doh! :)
I fell in love with the tractor,
And, as usual, she gave -
- Three weeks from the ski soaps *
And Local ** ala :)
Not vyhodte girls married
For Ivan Cousin:
And Ivan Kuzin
Most kukuruzina :)
Hitler is sitting on birch,
A birch bends! :)
Look, Comrade Stalin,
As he naebnёtsya :)
On the hill stands a goat -
- Golden Horn! :)
Man Woman E * gm,
For a kilo of potatoes! :)
On the mountain flower grows -
- Blue Scarlet Yes :)
No deductible not change
X * th big on small! :)
Sitting fagot on the stove,
X * it hews bricks! :)
He wants to make three of the ruble,
Do not go out * I have :)
Out (Peto?) On the porch -
- Scratch your egg! :)
Put his paw - no eggs . :(
And g * tered the porch! :)
Opa, Opa, Asia .
Asia-Eurasia that in disgrace! :)
So x * ynya :)

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